HumusORG is an offshoot from Association of 3 Co.,Ltd .  The parent company, A3, has been in business of environmental equipment manufacturing since 1993.   Apart from extensive range of wastewater machinery, A3 offers complete line of compost machinery.  Both A3 and Humus ORG are a 100% Thai owned and operated based in Bangkok and Chonburi area.

Environment, Energy, and Agriculture are closely linked the same way technology, know-how, and experience are intertwined. 

In Humus ORG, we, are exercising our whole strength in technology and know-how in environment and energy sector; in order to, create the best products for Agriculture.  And that is highest quality COMPOST – Raw materials are mixed and conditions to starting humidity for piling.

  1. Windrow Turning – More turning and humidity adjusting till reaching the right C:N ration
  2. Screening – Compost pile is screened to separate large structured materials for reuse
  3. Maturing – Final fine compost is kept for certain time to reach the exact desirable conditions
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